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Model: Men's Rush Guard

Item:Adult  Rush  Guard
Fabric:Nylon  &  Spandex  (Customized)
Long  Sleeves  Compression  Rash  Guard  For  Cross-Training 
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Item:Adult Rush Guard
Fabric:Nylon & Spandex (Customized)

Long Sleeves Compression Rash Guard For Cross-Training 

  • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY - The soft material and solid color make Clinch Gear Rash Guards excellent for Swimming, Running, Cycling, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Cross-Training WOD's or any type of exercise or recreation activity.
  • STAY DRY & COOL - Integrated wicking technology manages moisture for quick-drying performance. Scientifically engineered to prevent chafing and keep you cool & dry while allowing for total mobility.
  • BOOST PERFORMANCE - High-tech fabrics designed to provide an ideal level of surface pressure to enhance circulation and increase oxygen delivery that increases your power, speed & stamina.
  • RECOVER FASTER - Users have reported that when wearing high-tech compression technology fabrics they notice more endurance and stamina, less soreness post-workout, and faster recovery.
  • MADE TO LAST - Clinch Gear rash-guards are extremely flexible and feature state of the art DOUBLE FLAT LOCK STITCHING for a longer lasting shirt. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.


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